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Trainee Looking For A Mentor In New Hampshire

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May 4, 2016
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Appraiser Trainee
I’m seeking a position where I can continue my training in real estate appraisal, where I can work under an experienced, licensed, appraiser mentor who enjoys training and teaching, and who also has enough incoming work for my full-time employment.

I grew up in southern New Hampshire and attended college in Vermont where I graduated with a degree in biology from Bennington College. I lived for the last fifteen years in Seattle and Olympia, Washington, and recently moved back to New Hampshire to be with my family.

I started work in appraising in December 2015 in Olympia and Thurston County, Washington. With my mentor, I’ve appraised, or assisted with the appraisal of, close to two-hundred properties. These include a variety of one and two-story homes of varying ages, some on small lots and others on larger acreage. We appraised quite a few lake homes and also ocean properties. Much of our work was VA appraisals, but we also did REO and private appraisals for estate or divorce purposes.

My mentor Alan guided me through the different aspects of appraisal work. I learned how to research the comparable homes to use in valuation, and would select these properties myself for nearly all our work. On inspections, I would take photos of the property and improvements, as well as photos of the comparable homes. I would speak to homeowners on refinance assignments and learn about their homes. I made voice notes on home and property details. I researched county records, and Alan taught me how to incorporate that information into reports. A handful of our assignments were multi-family homes, and I learned how to use the income approach to arrive at value.

I like this work very much and I’m good at it. I enjoy the puzzle of each new assignment and the variety of tasks that are required to complete an appraisal. I’m a competent writer and I enjoy writing. I try to anticipate questions that a reader might have and answer them in the report. I also like problem-solving and how each property is unique. Above all, I enjoy communicating and interacting with people – the homeowners, builders – learning about the homes from them.

I possess a high degree of skill with technology. I’ve used ACI for report writing, but TOTAL on my Android tablet for sketching and voice notes. I used a Leica laser device for measuring. I have a great Nikon camera and use it very well.

I want to make appraising my career – become licensed and then certified in New Hampshire by continuing my training and education here. I’m hard-working and motivated. I look forward to speaking with you.
Not open for further replies.
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