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Trainee/Marketing for Supervisor

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Jun 11, 2008
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North Carolina
Here's my situation.

I've worked in industrial sales for 20 years and have a stable position right now. Had a friend get in the appraisal business 10 years ago when things were good. I've been working with him for 2 years as a trainee. He's always done appraisals P/T which has been my intention all along. I have no intention of ever doing appraisals full-time. My long-term goal is 2 assignments per week.

Like many others, the work is a trickle now. Me and my supervisor have been pounding the pavement (calling on MBers only) trying to drum up new business. Picked up several new clients but even that work has slowed considerably.

I have half of my points built up. I'd like to find another supervisor(s) who'd be interested in taking me on.

The Appraisal Board is sending me the appraiser list for my area. I'm thinking of sending a short cover letter and following with a phone call one week later.

Obviously most appraisers are hurting right now and I'm sure that few are interested in taking on a trainee. Any suggestions on what I can do to market myself for a new supervisor?

Here's my thoughts

1. I have trainee experience so the hand holding wouldn't be as great as someone just starting.

2. I never expect to do appraisal F/T so no worry about me stealing clients.

Comments or other ideas?

Thanks for your feedback.
Not open for further replies.
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