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Two Supervisory Signatures

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Damon Young

Sophomore Member
Jun 15, 2003
My partner and I are thinking of altering the workload where one of us goes and does the inspections and photos whilst the other fills the forms. We are both licensed. However on the forms, we would both like to sign, one of us checking the "did inpsect interior and exterior" the other checking the "did not inspect" box. The apprasier who did the actual inspects will review the final report and edit as necessary.

We use WinTotal, but I do not know if that amtters. Any suggestion how we can both sign, neither as Supervisor?


Darrell Hignite

Sophomore Member
Jul 16, 2003
Professional Status
Certified Residential Appraiser
North Carolina

What the crap are you smoking????

It seems to me that neither of you want to take all the responsibility for the appraisal, and it also seems to me that you may be taking responsibility for something your partner did and you didn't. Take my advise, do yours, let him do his and then YOU KNOW if it's done right. The biggest complaints we get in our state are from forms that have two signatures....


Senior Member
Jul 10, 2003
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General Public
Take a deep breath, Darrell. That he doesn't know is probably the reason he asked the question. There's no reason to be rude. Be peaceful.

Damon, if you "fill in the forms," never having seen the comps or the subject, IMO you're asking for trouble. See the thread on "Effective Age" elsewhere in this forum, and you'll see what I mean. Everyone's qualitative judgements are different. There are formulas for various calculations, of course. But if mere calculation were all there was to an appraisal, then AVM's would've already replaced us.

I don't think it is possible to do what you're asking and remain compliant with USPAP. Both of you have to take full responsibility for ALL of the appraisal, or only one of you must. The "he did this part and I did that part" arrangement, if it could be made USPAP compliant at all, would require a comment addendum of encyclopedic proportions. One of you still has to take all the responsibility, and whoever didn't inspect will have quite a raft of extraordinary assumptions. Keep in mind that extraordinary assumptions can be used only "if they are necessary to form a credible opinion of value." I think the USPAP language eliminates their use for mere convenience. (Darrell, is this conclusion correct?)
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