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Using AOL for business email? You need to rethink that!

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Jan 4, 2002
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Lately we have been getting a lot of bounced email sent to AOL users who are both forum members and have listings at AppraiserUSA.com.

The thing is, I know that most of these email addresses are valid, just that AOL, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't want to deliver email to their users all the time.

The latest bounce message is as below:

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: host mailin-03.mx.aol.com []: 521 5.2.1 "Service unavailable. Please try again later."
Which only means that AOL didn't deliver your email.

If your email bounces and you have a listing with AppraiserUSA.com, then your listing is automatically removed. I am posting this warning for anyone who reads it that still uses AOL for business email. Go to AppraiserUSA.com and update your listing with a business email address, not AOL, Yahoo, or other email that sometimes delivers email, and sometimes does not!!

Since 1999, when I started AppraiserUSA.com, I can state without reservation that AOL is ABSOLUTELY the worst email provider that I have encountered, and bounces more legitimate business email than any other provider, and has mostly likely caused appraisers to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in business in the last 14 years. And Yahoo is a closed second!

DO NOT use either AOL or Yahoo for business email!!!!! Unless you don't care whether or not you get your important email.

/rant off
Not open for further replies.
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