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VA loan

Amy Perkins

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Jul 20, 2003
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I am selling my home to a VA member.
Sales price $349. VA notified us of value below sales price. And called tidewater. Realtors send in comps before final number is determined. Paperwork shows appraiser made decision prior to looking at comps, and turned in value for $10k less than sales price even though new current comps (that weren’t used or even looked at) as a final, so I had to lower my sales price to appraised value. Did the appraiser not do his job properly by not looking at what was provided?? What can I do to fix this before my closing on Friday?!
So was there a credit of 10K for closing costs? You can get another appraisal by going through another lender.


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May 12, 2007
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Not another VA appraisal.

Not for several months anyway. ROV is it. However, VA grants waivers frequently. They are strict though. Very strict. Look at their loss ratio compared to other lending types who sell to secondary markets. They smoke HUD, conventional, or whatever other lending type that sells to secondary market. With a new buyer, they prolly would allow a new VA appraisal. That appraisal will stick with that buyer for a while. He or she can try again in a month or two.

10K? lol hoax thread.

I hate that about this forum but I don't know anyway you can prevent it.

Look at it this way . $10k on a $50k house is 20%. I work the ghetto. Bring it on. Why should 10K be different on a $300K house?

The VA don't play. They are salary and some of the best people I have spoken to. Most in Atlanta are appraisers. They love their job.

They would tear that appraiser in two if they didn't agree.
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Scott R.

May 6, 2006
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Certified Residential Appraiser
The VA appraiser gets the request to provide an appraisal report. The appraiser looks up the subject and potential comparable's in their local MLS. Let's say the subject is in contract for $500,000 when all the comparable's in a 1/2 mile radius, +/- 100 sf, and sold in the past 6 months sold for $450,000 or less. The appraiser should initiate Tidewater ASAP. It should be completed soon in the process if it appears the contract price is too high. I STILL see VA appraisers doing this ALL WRONG.
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