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Warning To Trainees & Wannabes!

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Pamela Crowley (Florida)

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Jan 13, 2002
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Warning to trainees & wannabes!!!

Too many of the licensed or certified appraisers that will take on trainees are not the kind of appraiser you should be associated with. It's almost impossible for you to know how to tell the difference when you don't know or understand this business yet.

It's imperitive for a new appraisal trainee to work within your supervisor's office and start out learning the basics - with face to face, in person interaction. If you are trained improperly, eventually you will get into trouble.

I understand how difficult it is to find a job in appraising. I also know how many have come into appraising these past few years that have no clue how to actually appraise. If you are not trained properly, your chances to succeed and not end up facing disciplinary actions by your State Appraisal Board are getting much higher.

No matter how badly you think you want to become an appraiser, working for an unethical appraiser as your supervisor will eventually do YOU much more harm than good. Jobs available advertised here are not checked out by this forums administrator and cannot be guaranteed to be a valid offer to trainee newbies properly. You, as the trainee, MUST check this out on your own.

Here are some things to watch out for:

* The supervisor will be sending you out on your own almost right away.

* You are given assignments far away. (geographical competency DOES count!)

* You are told to go out and get your own clients right away.

* The supervisor signs as the appraiser, or signs as the supervisor marking the "Did Inspect" box, but you were the only one that saw the property - or, doesn't disclose in the appraisal report that you were involved in the process and what you did to complete the appraisal and report.
For BOTH of you!!!

* The supervisor says, "Forget the classes, this is how we do it in the real world."

* The supervisor is not working one on one with you.

* You MUST learn USPAP and your States Laws, Rules, and Regulations and abide by them!!!
Any supervisor that doesn't know these things very well is not worth working for!
Any supervisor that doesn't abide by these things will get YOU into trouble eventually.

* You are not given copies of the appraisal you worked on. You must have a copy exactly as it went to the client.

* NEVER - NEVER - NEVER give your digital signature to ANYBODY ELSE!!!

* NEVER - NEVER - NEVER accept being able to use your supervisor's digital signature on your own!!!

There are more to added to this list and I just started this thread here so it can be added on to by other members with additional things for newbies and wannabees to watch out for.

Please keep this thread to just additions of other things newbies should be aware of to help protect themselves. As in: Keep this thread on topic!
Not open for further replies.
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