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Was Anyone Watching The Today Show This Morning?

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Ghost Rider

Senior Member
Apr 27, 2003
Professional Status
Banking/Mortgage Industry
They had a story about the infamous "shoe" house we were all discussing here about a week ago - video even!!!! I've gotta go check the NBC web site to see if they have it there so I can DL it, and host it on my web site for you all to see!!!!

Richard Carlsen

Elite Member
Jan 15, 2002
Professional Status
Licensed Appraiser
That NBC would spend time on a shoe house is another reason that my mornings begin with either pure quiet, a book and a cuppa tea or Interlochen Public Radio, a book and a cuppa tea.

Somehow, I cannot stomach perkie Kattie whateverhernameis and the rest of the pretty people newsreaders on morning TV.

Newton Minnow was right a long time ago.

(Guess I'm getting old and grouchy)
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