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Well Location

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Aug 18, 2003
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On a new construction home, property is rural and has a well that has been constructed 9 feet from the property line. FHA Guideline info I can find shows it must be 10 feet and there is no waiver.
Has anyone had a situation like this? Curious how this builder is going to get the homes sold that he has done where the well is too close to the property line. He says he's never had any problems with it before.

Info is appreciated, take care!

Ghost Rider

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Apr 27, 2003
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Disclose it in the report, condition for it, and the UW can waive the condition if they choose - the magic game of CYA......

On another note, it *is* possible you are off on your measurements - Unless you have a detailed survey showing the location within the magic 10 foot distance, then you really can't be 100% sure. As I said, disclose the problem, condition, and let others deal with the problem.


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May 5, 2003
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There is a mortgagee letter that addresses this topic. I think it primarily addresses well distances from sources of pollution & was issued in 2002? From memory, the jist of it is less than 10' from property line is OK, as long as it is okydokey with the local health authority & as long as the adjacent site/s are also residential & not roadways, tar pits, etc...oops, getting carried away. You better go to the site & print the letter. I have the location in my favorites as: http://www.HUD.gov/offices/hsg/mltrmenu.cfm
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