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Went to the "Home Show/Builders Show yesterday. What a

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Ray Miller

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Feb 20, 2002
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Licensed Appraiser
Went to the Home and Builders show yesterday.

As we are getting ready to build our retirement home and want to look at all the stuff we would like but can't afford but would like to have. :cry:

I did a bit of networking with the Banks that had booths set up there. Got what looks like to be twenty-five goods business leads for my area.

They all said they have a very hard time finding appraisers in my area.

None flinched at my prices. I am well above the food chain for the appraisers that are in the area.

All ready received two orders off the fax this a.m. and it not even 8:00 a.m.

The nice thing about this these are Banks, not second line refi brokers. Might be able to get some additional business for my other divisons.


Mountain Man

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Jan 15, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
Congrats, but don't get too excited yet. You'll know if they are a good client when you come in low on the next order..... and they thank you for the good service and saving their hind.
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