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What are the limits?

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Bobby Bucks

Elite Member
Jan 27, 2002
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Real Estate Agent or Broker
North Dakota
Times are good right now or are they? I'm backed up 2 weeks and I'm turning down good work.
My beef? Where does it end with the nuisance factor from the idiots in the lending business. I
have a dozen faxes with various requests for recerts, updates, etc....and they all want them fast
and free......one is concerning a purchase of a property in May of 2002. Since the purchase, the
owners decided to refi and used a copy of my report to Acme Ethical Bank....of course they're
now working with a mortgage broker sleaze.....the request is for a "re-evaluation" in the new
mortgage co's name......the LO was rude and said they need it now.....the 1st call was from the
attorney's office.....seems I was holding up the closing..... They are going nuts now after 3
days....all sorts of threats.....another issue is with AMC's and mortgage companies I've never
heard of faxing appraisal requests with 2 day TOT's and cheap fees for properties 100 miles away.
Naturally they have no 800 # so i simply ignore the requests......if they have an 800 # or better yet
an 800# fax for refusing the assignment, no problem, but don't expect me to wade through a
switchboard to apologize because I can't do a 48 hour TOT on a 1004 for $147......I have reached
the point where to return phone calls from these idiots is costing me money........now THAT is an
issue......my defense lately is my personal telephone butler which provides background music
when I put these nuts on hold....I used to always simply call screen, but the phone butler is more
fun......if I don't like them, they go on hold and they better like The Doors, Ted Nugent and The
Sex Pistols at megga decibels.....think of the possibilities :) let it roll, baby roll........:)

John M. Parker

Freshman Member
Jun 4, 2002
As I have said in my previouse post. You are under no obligation OF ANY KIND to recert, retype or take work or crap from anyone. One user one use is the key, it's there for your protection and to limit this wholesale passing around of your report. If you feel, that you need to smooze these unknown lenders and non clients quote them your regular fee, two weeks out etc. and take care of your bread and butter clients.

We get this crap and I re-tell story previousely posted. Lender I wouldn't do business with calls and tells me to retype report done for other lender into his name. I ask why since this report was done six months ago for purchase, he tells me that they are now doing refi and they paid for the appraisal "So just do it". I told him to kiss my Foot :wink: and he called me an SOB and I hung up.

Show me one place where it says you have to get abused for free. Do you go to your Doctor for a hernia and then expect six months later for him to diagnose something else for free, do attorneys do anything for free? Got a call yesterday from out of town lender, need report fast and I quote him turn time and price he says I get it for $25 less down here and I tell him to contact someone down there then and I get back to work.

Just my opinion and I've got more work than I need. :D
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