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What is a "charter township"

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Feb 4, 2002
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As an appraiser from the Great State of Ohio, what, exactly, is the difference between a "Charter Township" and just a township. For example, Monroe has "Frenchtown Charter Township" and "Erie Township". Is this a difference I need to note in my appraisals? Just wondering on a slow day.


Mike Kennedy

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Sep 28, 2003
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New York

The Ohio Revised Code, chapter 705, provides three optional plan forms of government that may be adopted by the voters of the municipality. All plans call for the appointment of a treasurer, auditor, clerk and solicitor by the legislative authority.

Under the commission plan, the only elected officers are either three or five commissioners, depending upon population, who hold both legislative and administrative authority. They elect one of their body as chair. The commission may assign direction or supervision responsibilities to individual commissioners.

Under the city manager plan a council of five, seven or nine is elected as the legislative authority. They appoint a city manager who is the chief administrative officer.

If the federal plan is adopted, a mayor and five to 15 council members, depending upon population, shall be elected, with executive and legislative authority respectively.

Optional plan statutory forms of government are not commonly used, probably because the charter form is made available by the Ohio Constitution.

With the charter, the municipality may develop any form of government that its voters approve. The charter allows the municipality to "fine-tune" its form of government, instead of adopting one of the prescribed plans. The charter has been used extensively in Ohio to enhance the home rule authority of municipalities.

Adoption of a charter is a two-step process. First, the issue of whether or not a charter commission should be elected is voted on by the people. Included with this issue is provision to elect 15 charter commissioners, who are elected if the issue passes. This issue may be placed on the ballot if petitioned for by 10% of the voters. If the charter commission is elected and formed, they have one year to prepare a proposed charter and submit it to a vote of the people. If it is adopted it becomes the basic framework for that municipality's government.

Michigan CG

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Nov 1, 2006
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Monroe County has 15 townships of which 3 are Charter Townships in addition to the 9 villages and cities.
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