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What Is The Best Os For Appraising?

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May 23, 2008
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We are wanting to get a laptop for researching comps while in the field instead of having to go back to the office, then back out again for comp photos. We have been using the Windows 7 Pro OS on our office computers and it seems to work fine. Most new laptops have Windows 10, but we have seen bad reviews about W10 in the past. Has that changed? What OS have most appraisers found to work best with appraising? Thanks


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Sep 13, 2017
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Win 10 is stable right now, Microsoft has been releasing updates, and patching things up. I had Win 7 Pro too, and switching to Win 10 Pro not only made my PC faster, but everything is more convenient. If you've been using Win 7 for a while, once you switch to 10, it'll take you a bit to get used to it. I recommend Win 10, but Win 7 Pro is great too.


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Feb 26, 2010
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North Dakota
Well since the only OS that the form vendors support is Windows your options are limited. You can use Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Windows. Nice huh?

OK sarcasm aside. Your other options beside Windows alone is to use Windows inside a virtual machine or to switch to cloud based appraisal suite.

If you are asking about Windows 7 or Windows 10 I would just use which ever you have a paid license for. They both behave more or less the same and have the same level of security. I wouldn't buy an upgrade to 10 unless you just like shiny things.

If you are looking at using a virtual machine I know there are a couple of guys on the forum using MacOS and also a couple of us that are using Linux. I prefer Linux. I like to have control over my machine and what it does. I control what it looks like, when it updates, what it updates and I believe it has the best security and reliability. I also like that it is open source. No single company controls it. Instead it is more of a cooperative effort with input from multiple companies like RedHat, Suse, and Ubuntu along with a very large community of individual developers and private organizations. I would recommend Ubuntu LTS or Kubuntu LTS. I personally use Maui which is similar to Kubuntu but gets more recent updates. I would also highly recommend this version as well.

If you are going to make the move to cloud software such as alamode's upcoming Titan, I would still recommend Ubuntu LTS, Kubuntu LTS, or Maui. They are a complete OS and offer hundreds of installable programs and the ability to use offline. However, if you just want something to run cloud software from, Google Chromebooks would be an option. The hardware would be cheaper than other options, but all your software is run from the cloud. However, until Titan and other appraisal software is fully operational this is really not an option, but something to consider for the near future.

Terrel L. Shields

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May 2, 2002
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Win 10 and Edge browser... Firefox has been really bad lately for me on another machine.
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