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What Mortgage Broker Said - Refreshing to My Ears

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Jan 16, 2002
At frist I was gun shy to take the call as I was expecting it for days already (you know, the unusal dead-deal conversation with LO). He was
unusally polite and calm at first, even as I explained that the real estate
agent had over-priced it and ignored identical comps on the subject block.
I added that the agent was given a chance to provide comps, but as usual
none of them could be used (for all the usual reasons we already know about). At this point he flew into a ranting rage that went like this..........

"I hate and dispise these people (real estate agents), they are so dumb
it's incredible. If you added up the IQ of all the local board members you
wouldn't break 100 !" (there are 1200 re agents in our board). All day long I hear what the value is from the owners, sellers, buyers, their relatives, and their agents. I tell all of them "THERE IS ONLY ONE VALUE THAT MATTERS AND THAT'S THE APPRAISERS VALUE !!!!!". I couldn't help but to break into laughter at this point. He actually thanked me for explaining and was going to pass info along to buyer.

When was the last time you heard this ? There are a few good guys out there, and boy am I going to hold onto this account !
Jan 13, 2002
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That one is welcome here in Jacksonville!!!!

What was that? Once in 5 years? (cynical side of me)

A real keeper, congratulations Joe!

Mike Simpson

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Jan 30, 2002

Most of my current lender clients sound ironically similar to real estate appraisers! They're tired of the pressure applied to them by real estate agents. One of my regulars actually uses the word hate to describe these bullying middlemen.

If you separate enough wheat from chaff (if you will), you'll be left with some very good clients. It's just too bad one must go through so many potential clients while attempting to find honest ones!

I think the worm may be slowly turning...I hope so at least. I think some of the stories in the news may be having some affect. If the pendulum ever swings our way again, I hope appraisers will remember those who made their lives difficult!

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