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Where Is Good Training?

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Jermaine Massey

Freshman Member
Jun 23, 2003
Hello again...

I truly belive in receiving excellent training and don't want to accept anything but the best. I understand that the majority of my training will come from my mentor and thus selecting him or her will be paramount to my overall success. However, my question is about where to get that 90 hours of training required? Does it really matter? If so, why do you believe it matters? How has it made a difference in you practice?

The ever inquisitive...

Jan 13, 2002
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Retired Appraiser
The first 90 hours are class time and concentrate on the basics from the books. It only gives you the tip of iceberg. I really don't know much about that first class anymore. Wish I could help more.

USPAP Compliant

Elite Member
Jan 15, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
North Carolina
What will matter is how much time, effort and self-study you put into it. I teach the pre-license classes and by about the 3rd class I can tell who is putting in the time, effort and study and who is looking for the fastest, easiest least painful way to get to the state exam and start appraising.

Minimal effort will most likely get you minimal results.

Rich Hahn

Senior Member
May 2, 2003
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Bob I
I cant remember if I was a minimal student or not in the appraisal classes.
After 20 years of education you learn how to learn and how to test.

So now I must say our appraisal ranch is maxing out.
We deliver a USPAP, Fannie and Freddie compliant report.
Perhaps I did sleep in class, I cant remember that far back.
I feel timing has alot to do with it.

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