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Why should non North Carolina appraisers sign the petition?

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Jan 15, 2002
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I had a couple of people from out of state ask why they should sign.

Several reasons.

Mel Black (the executive director of the NCAB) is also the Director of AARO (Association of Appraisal Regulators) which is the nationwide organization for appraisl board members. In addition Ossie Smith (a long time NCAB member) is a Regional Director of ARRO. The NCAB has great influence with board membver from many other states.

The NCAB has over $2,000,000.00 is reserve funds. That is TWO MILLION DOLLARS! The NCAB members and staff attend many, many conferences across the country and are able to influence both appraisers and regulators on a frequent basis.

Last year, one NCAB member made a motion that the NCAB PURCHASE a SEAT on The Appraisal Foundation in order to have greater influence on a national level.

The NCAB has considerable influence on manyother states appraisal boards...possibly yours.

Lastly, this petition can easily be changed to include other states or ALL STATES if anyone else out there cares to do so.

There are many other reasons, but those are most prominent.

Sign the petition if you are interested in more professional appraisal boards.

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