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Wintotal question - set initial file number

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Wally Jones

Senior Member
Jan 23, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Open the Information Requestor. Go to the Description window and type in what you want to call your report (I use my file/report number here). Click on the Filing icon and type in your report number in the Internal Order number field. That will place this number on all the pages of your report.

Hope this helps. The users manual describes the process better than I could.



Freshman Member
Apr 27, 2002
I think this is the answer you are looking for. It is from http://www.alamode.com/tech/pdf/4315.pdf

Pretty much, you set the autonum.ini to the desired 7 digit amount (only numbers, no letters)


The Auto-Numbering Feature in WinTOTAL will number reports automatically. In the Request Information window, you can select the Auto-Numbering option. Unchecking then rechecking it will increase the number by one each time. In some cases this maybe done unintentionally and it will increase the number by one or more digits higher then desired. This can be corrected by doing the following.

1. Click Start | Programs | WinTOTAL | Tech Support Assistant.
2. Inside the a la mode Technical Assistant window, choose the Edit System Files option, and click Next.
3. Under the System Files heading, scroll to the bottom and double-click on Other files… this will bring up an Open window.
4. In the Open window, select the Utils folder. Then under the File name heading, select the autonum.ini file. With autonum.ini highlighted
click on OK.
5. In the autonum.ini, under the [CurNumber] heading, will be a line Count=
The number following the equal sign is the current number. So, whatever number comes after the equal sign, add one to that, and that will be the next number Auto-Number will use. If you wish to increase up to
your numbering scheme, remember to use numeric digits only. In addition, it must be seven digits long. Any letter or signs such as commas, quotes, etc. will cause a type mismatch error.
6. Click after the last number in the series and backspace to the equal sign, and type in the number you wish.
7. Click on Save than Finished to leave the Edit System Files window.
8. Inside the Technical Assistant window, click on the Done to leave.
The next time you use the AutoNumber feature, the number you have designated will be in effect.
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