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Wish List and/or Bugs!

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Dave Smith

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Jan 14, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
Features I would like to have and/or bugs that I have found.

1. I would like to have the ability to edit the text on the Subject photo page.

2. I wish the page break feature in the addendum section would show WYSIWYG!!!

3. I would like the option to choose more than one but less than all the comps if importing comps from another appraisal file. Now its necessary to import one comp or all the comps. If I want two of four comps its necessary to make two trips to the old file.

4. I wish the Auto Save feature on the Environment/General/Auto Save tab would stay selected!!!!! Now it cancels itself out from time to time. I've lost data because I thought the program was saving a backup automatically only to find out that the auto save feature had turned itself off or gone on vacation.

5. I wish I could set the Form Background color to a slightly darker color than the Field Background color on the Environments/Color tab. That color scheme is not possible at present. At present the Form Background color MUST be lighter than the Field Background color. A Tech Support person admitted that was a bug but I've seen no fix for it yet.

6. I wish I could set the Focus defaults so that a canister would open with the screen divided into two equally sized columns. The left column would contain the photos for the report in 3X size while the right column would contain the photos in the canister in 3X size. Other users might like other defaults so a variety of defaults should be able to be selected.

7. There needs to be an "Effective Date" field in the Dates section of the order form that would carry over to the "As of" field in the Reconciliation section at the bottom of the second page of the form. (See Lee Ann's post on this very subject re: the ERC form)

8. There needs to be a field in the Dates section of the order form that would carry over to the date field on the letter of transmittal.

"Wishing & Hoping"
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