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WSJ Article

Will overall housing prices in the US decline in the next year?

  • Prices will continue to increase at levels similar to the recent past

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  • Prices will continue to increase, but not as fast

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  • Prices will stabilize

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  • Prices will begin to decline slightly

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  • The bubble will bust; Prices will fall rapidly

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Steve Owen

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Jan 16, 2002
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Tuesday, August 20, Wal Street Journal, page D1.

Title: "C'mon, My House Is Worth More Than That"

According to the article, pressure is coming from homeowners now, not just mortgage brokers. lol. Inflated appraisal can put the homeowner at risk.

Even with historically low interest rates, nearly 1% of the 34 million loans tracked by Loan-Performance were either in foreclosure or 90 days or more delinquent at the end of May, the highest level since the end of 1999....

Article is by Sheila Muto, and is well-written. WSJ may be the best daily newspaper in the country, in my opinion. Unfortunately, like most articles, it just skims the surface. However, it does point out something interesting for those who believe our problems will go away if mortgage brokers are taken out of the appraisal ordering business and that is the pressure will simply come from a different source.

Many homeowners are piling on debt that will make them vulnerable if the economy slows or interest rates rise.
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