About the AMC List

The purpose of the AMC List is to provide appraisers a searchable list of AMC’s to contact for potential assignments. Also it allows the AMC’s a vehicle to advertise their company to appraisers to encourage appraisers to sign up with them.

The initial listings were compiled from government websites and search engines. It is by no means a complete list. There is no guarantee that any of the information is correct. Please contact us to report invalid information, especially when a company is no longer operating.

AMC’s are encouraged to add their company to the list. There is no charge to add your listing.  If your company already appears on the list with a basic listing which was compiled from government websites, go ahead and add your listing and I will delete the old basic listing as most of the basic listings are incomplete. Listings added are manually approved before they appear live on the website. You may add a separate listing for each office you have, but each office must be identified with a unique email address.  In addition the email address must contain your website domain name. For example if your website is xyzamc.com then your email must be [email protected]  So you could have [email protected] and [email protected] and so on.

Use of the AMC List is on an “as is” basis.  AppraisersForum.com has no control over the AMC’s listed herein and can not be held responsible for their actions. AppraisersForum.com does not recommend, endorse, or warrant any AMC listed.