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George Rosendale

Discussion in 'Appraisal Education' started by George K. Cox MAI SRA, May 7, 2005.

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  1. George K. Cox MAI SRA

    George K. Cox MAI SRA New Member

    May 2, 2005
    I learned over the weekend that Mr. Rosendale lost his wife to cancer. While we discuss and yes actually argue over things like USPAP, adjustments, etc., this is a small item compared to losing a loved one. George Rosendale carried no initilas after his name, but I found him to be one of the mos knowledgable individuals in this business. Following is a post from another forum. I am not sending this to toot my horn in any way, but to say I was honered to be compared to Mr. Rosendale.

    "I met both of them at the Winter Conference 4 years ago in Islamorada.
    George had just gotten a divorce from his first wife who was an SRA
    appraiser. He had been divorced for maybe a year or two. Anyway, the two of
    them were so cute as a couple. You could just see the admiration and love
    they had for one another. I talked to her for quite a while. She was a very
    pretty blonde, had lots of class, was fun loving and the two of them
    together were like 2 little school kids. They couldn't keep their hands off
    one another. But it was more than just physical affection, they truly
    admired and respected one another. I thanked her for taking care of Ole
    Georgie and told her how much I appreciated giving him the chance to be
    happy. She talked to me about George and how much she loved him. I thought
    it was the most wonderful loving relationship I had seen in a long long
    time. Reminds me of George Cox and his wife. I took a seminar from George
    and George's wife just coddles that old coot and you can tell just by
    looking at his wife and daughter (she was attending the class too) that they
    admire old George Cox and respect him. I think George's wife and daughter
    give it back to old George Cox but they too love their husband/father so
    much. Relationships like these make me proud to be in the appraisal

    We have so many good strong ethical honest appraisers who not only talk the
    talk, they walk the walk. George Rosendale and George Cox are two of these
    people who are the best of the best."

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