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Rules for Users


AppraisersForum.com provides its service to you, subject to the following Rules, which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. You can review the most current version of the Rules at any time at: http://appraisersforum.com/forums/pages/rules/. If you do not agree with our Rules you are prohibited from using the service. By registering you agree to be bound by our Rules.

In addition to these rules, use of AppraisersForum.com is subject to our Terms of Use

We reserve the right to refuse access to this web site to anyone, for any reason, at our discretion.

2. NO DUPLICATE MEMBER ACCOUNTS. Each member may only have 1 account. Each user is responsible for the security of their account and users are not permitted to allow others to use their account. You are liable for any action caused by your allowing someone else to use your account. If we find that you have allowed someone else to use your account it will be suspended. Posting made under an account other than your own is not permitted, you must have your own individual account to post. Users who use a fake name in the "real name" field when registering will be permanently banned from using this forum.

3. NO ADVERTISING. Do not post messages that contain ads for your product or service. Posts you make containing links to your personal web site or any web site in which you have an interest will be considered an ad at the moderator's discretion. If you want to advertise at AppraisersForum.com please see our advertising rates.

4. NO MULTIPLE POSTS. Do not post the same message in more than one forum! Select the forum most appropriate for your message and post it there ONCE.

5. NO THREAD BUMPING. Do not "bump" threads! Bumping of threads is defined as making a post to a thread for the sole purpose of moving it back up to the top of the list.

6. STAY ON TOPIC WITH POSTINGS. Each of our forums has a specific topic. Messages posted that do not generally stay with the topic of the particular forum will be deleted or moved to the appropriate forum without notice. Replies to threads should be about the same topic as the original post in the thread.


a. Do not attack someone for a post they have made. Do not post anything about someone that you would not say to their face! If you have something negative to say about someone then contact them directly, DO NOT POST IT HERE! Do not post anything here that you would not want your grandmother or your daughter to read! THINK BEFORE YOU POST, USE COMMON COURTESY, AND BE NICE!

b. DO NOT attack someone because they ask a question! That is the purpose of this forum, to help each other and to learn. NO ONE was born an appraiser, everyone LEARNED to be an appraiser. The fact that someone is asking a question means they WANT to learn. If you can't answer a question without being sarcastic, or without making disparaging remarks to the person who asked the question, then DO NOT ANSWER.


a. You are prohibited from posting or posting links to any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, or profane materials or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law. We will fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone posting any such information or materials.

b. As we are a forum about real estate appraisal, we have no place for discussion of controversial subjects such as politics, religion, war, or the like.

c. YOU are responsible for what you post! Posting here is NOT amonymous, your IP number is recorded for security purposes.

d. Do not post information here that is copyrighted, unless you own the copyright. If you want to share an interesting article from some other website then leave a LINK to the website, do not copy and paste the entire article here. Do not post emails sent to you without express permission from the sending party. Do not post personal information about others, such as addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers.

e. By posting messages to our forums at AppraisersForum.com, you automatically grant AppraisersForum.com a world-wide, royalty free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use or reproduce the communication in any form. Please note that we will not remove your posts if you are banned from the forum or if your account is deleted. In addition we do not delete accounts or posts upon a user's request. If you no longer want your account simply log out and do not log in again. However any posts you made will stay at the discretion of the forum owner.

9. SIGNATURE LINES. Signatures are limited to 3 lines. Signatures can consist of witty or wise quotes, sayings, or anything you want to label your posts with. They become part of your online "identity". We do not allow images in signatures. In addition signatures CAN NOT contain any form of advertisement for your web site, service or product, whether online or offline! Therefore we do not allow links, domain names (web site URL's), email addresses, phone numbers, or company names in signatures. In short we do not allow any form of promotion or advertising for any website, product, or service, even if it is not your product or service! No exceptions! Please see our ad rates if you want to advertise here.

10. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS! Using all capital letters for your entire message or subject line is considered SHOUTING. It is bad manners. Please do not be lazy, learn to use the "shift" key and do not post your message OR the subject in all capital letters.

11. RESPONSIBILITY OF WEBMASTER. Although we may, from time to time, monitor or review discussions, postings and the like on AppraisersForum.com, we are under no obligation to do so. The site owner assumes no responsibility for the contents of the messages posted on this website. The responsibility for the messages lies with the poster. Do not blindly assume that because someone posted some information that it is correct.

12. RIGHTS OF THE WEBMASTER. We reserve the right to delete, edit or move any post without notice, to suspend any user account without notice, or to suspend this service without notice. All content, including postings is copyrighted ©2000-.

12. USE OF THIS MATERIAL. You are specifically prohibited from using any material at this web site (including postings) for reproduction at other web sites, print media or any other media without explicit written permission. You may link to this web site or any posting made at this web site, without permission. You are prohibited from displaying any portion of this website in "frames" from another web site. Copyright violations will be prosecuted.

13. COMPLAINTS/CONCERNS. Public posts complaining about the forum or debating these rules and/or moderators' enforcement of such will be removed. We will not tolerate harassment of moderators for enforcing the rules. We encourage feedback however and invite you start a conversation with Head Surfer (the board admin) if you have any questions or concerns.

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