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Karma Can Come And Get The Deserving

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Farm Gal, Oct 5, 2004.

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  1. Farm Gal

    Farm Gal Elite Member

    Jan 14, 2002
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    Licensed Appraiser
    Be nice and fair to those you interact and do business with... or it can come an' GET cha! Ya know? Sometimes what goes round comes round. in spades :blink:

    There are times when you have to be very careful what you wish on someone.
    I am publiccly stating that I had NO PART in this retribution delivered by impartial Fate, Karma, and apparently All the Powers that Be. Who ever or Whatever orders the universe could handle this one... I deliberatly put it in the hands of the power. I long ago disclaimed retribution as mine... tho I had to struggle a bit at times...with the concept.


    Once upon a time, there was a little loan officer, who always (apparently deliberately) tried to made me feel like a horse. Sneered at me every time we met, and sucked up to my spouse in a most annoying manner, then made nasty comments about him behind his back... Didn't help that I was pretty pregnant when we first met, hormones often prompted my hands to curl and twitch with a desire to wring the little jerks neck.. <_< Totally focussed and driven to succeed at any cost. Put a great value on 'appearances' and making ALL the deals work no matter what.

    I have spoken with some bitterness about the shortsightedness of lenders asking ever increasing returns... demanding performance and rewarding those who drove thier business a little on the shady side just to close ever more and bigger deals. Sometimes I wonder if the corporate individuals and entities should not share the blame when locals lose it and go bad...

    Heard the word this AM that a certain local manager was canned. Even with over a decade of "wait n'see, Karma gonna get cha' " I couldn't have dreamed THIS up.

    The short story is:
    That manager got stinkin drunk, or whatever the step beyond might be called.... imbibing alcohol much, much, too freely...

    and very publiccly.

    People who behave like whores, sooner or later or later get diseases that grow, stretching even thier skin.... and then one day it bursts, spreading ugly all over the place. Being loaded when the explosion takes place just fules the explosion...spreading farther....

    I have this about third hand and make no claims as to it's veracity but it does sound about right.

    At the annual company party.... this individual wound up getting bare. Starting with the top half, then proving to all, that the lower extremities weren't covered with the 'normal' number of layers either... :blink:

    Climbed on a desk and held court, after baring all. Went on to directly insult recent cleints and lotsa Realtors... cussing out employees and casual passers by... who tried to stop the impending trainwreck.

    Evenually falling off dead drunk and publiccly urinating on self while apparenly unconsious. You gotta wonder who was 2nd in command there!

    Monday morning blues (and some part of 'that retribution thing') occured when the big boss shows up and the individual was met at the door with a frosty: Please don't bother entering, we will box and mail ALL your personal property to you, you may consider yourself amongst the unemployed.

    Now I am not sure what the personal pay-off was in terms of cash over the years... but in terms of remaining in the community after an event like that :blink: well, one might well think it better to MOVE.


    This company once formed 80% of our income...Hubby and I got 'fired' (as 1/2 of their appraisers) at a point when we had two kids in their (expensive) senior year of highschool, and I was 8 months pregnant. ... That manager then refused to even have the grace to LET us know 'why' even after it became readily apparent 'WHAT' had happened.

    Picture a gal as big as a house lurking off and on for a couple weeks before a little file clerk pulled me aside to say - "You won't be getting any more orders from here." Took another two weeks to find out (and never directly) why. And I really REALLY wanted to know. Suffice it to say it was a waaaay invalid reason to can an honest appraisal firm. We did our job correctly.

    Same person bad-mouthed me badly, a few years later. To cleints. Which I found out about. No validity, and much just cause for charge of slander. I stomped in and very publiccly threatened to sue that manager for everything s/he and the company was worth if s/he EVER made such statements again.

    But oddly I find it in my generous heart to pity that poor fool... cause the glitter is turned to dross, the shame quotient pretty steep, and where the heck does one go professionally after an act like THAT :blink: .

    I do hope they find AA.

    I'd really like an apology.
    (or is that vindictive?)

    Whaddda ya wanna bet that this gets labeled as a disability and fully covered by insurance as chemical addiction problem? :cry:
  2. Bobby Bucks

    Bobby Bucks Elite Member

    Jan 27, 2002
    Professional Status:
    Real Estate Agent or Broker
    North Dakota
    Lee Ann this obviously is a low life individual to the max, but one part of your post did catch my eye. It just goes to prove there is some small amount of good even in the worst of our species. :)
  3. Evincere

    Evincere Senior Member

    Dec 30, 2002
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    Certified Residential Appraiser
    Lee Ann ~

    That time is....ALL THE TIME
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