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  1. Galaxy

    Condo common area appraisal

    How would one go about appraising a staircase (~100 sf) in a rowhouse condominium, used only by one of three owners, for sale to that owner? A connecting staircase does not add as much value to a home as a bedroom or bath, but how does one approach this problem?
  2. Dallas Scott Wilke

    1073 Condo>project Information>general Description>type

    I'm a Trainee, and I'm working on a Condo for the first time. What is the required UAD format/possible answers under "Type" in Project Information > General Description?
  3. QBL

    Condos: Value Of Common Elements In Sales Comparison Approach

    Hello, I am licensed in Alabama. For condo appraisals, when estimating value via the Sales Comparison Approach, the resulting per square foot value includes the value of the common elements which are part of the subject. Meaning, a $150 psf value is applied to the subject GBA and no additional...
  4. Ferstl00

    Condominium Conundrum

    I have a very oddball assignment that has been dragging on for weeks now. Hoping someone out there can help me figure this out... I was asked to appraise a unit in a 4 unit building. All of the surrounding dwellings are single family and zoned as such. The city zoned the subject parcel...
  5. pdaniel7

    Condo Question For Project Primary Occupancy

    Hello everyone. I am doing an appraisal on a very small condo project which consists of only six attached townhome style units with a self managed HOA. Per the HOA rep, there are three owner occupied properties and three tenant occupied units for a perfect 50% each. From what I gather from...
  6. Z

    Increased Lumber Costs In Last 5 Months And A New Construction Dwelling

    I am appraising a condo (FHA) that is newly built ( last 30 days). Condo neighborhood has about 15 houses that has sold mostly from from contract builds with the developer. In the last 5 months lumber costs have increased greatly from a year ago. From data I gathered from the developer and...
  7. E

    Condo "branding"

    How is everyone treating these new condo "brands". Example Porsche design tower (sunny isles, florida), Fendi suites, Trump building, etc). Are you seeing any specific value being attached to these brands and do the units/projects lose any value if they lose the brand. Thanks
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