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data entry

  1. Tdrose275

    Typist/Data Entry

    Hi, All. I hope everyone is doing well. I currently do part-time typist/data entry work for an appraiser. I'm very familiar with the ACI software. I'm extremely reliable and very easy to communicate and work with. If you are interested in talking about how I can be of assistance to you please...
  2. A

    Sales Comps Databasing - how do you all save & reuse sale comps Any software that people have found helpful

    I am trying to find a good way to save all the sales comps that get entered into our reports so that we don't have to keep copy and pasting from old jobs. Any suggestions for how to start a database? Pros and cons of using narrative1 database or other companies?
  3. Ajohnson73029

    Appraisal Typist

    I am relatively new to the appraisal world. I had always had an interest in real estate, but a family friend who is a residential appraiser near us asked me about typing reports for her. I am a stay at home mom with all kids in school so I jumped at the opportunity. I have been typing reports...
  4. U

    Virtual Appraiser Assistant Preparing Appraisal Reports

    Hi, I am seeking a Job as Appraiser Assistant. I can prepare an entire report from scratch to till the end. I am also providing appraisal data entry, researching comps data. I have great expertise in Wintotal Appraisal software Also familiar with other appraisal software. I have used Matrix MLS...
  5. M

    Experienced Remote Appraisal Data Entry Assistant

    I have over 15 years of appraisal office experience and would be happy to send you my resume. I currently do remote data entry on ACI & Wintotal. My turn time is usually the same day (depending on what time of day I get the order), but within 24 hours no matter what. I work for a couple of...
  6. aaron woods

    Appraiser's Assistant ~ Data Entry ~ Report Writer ~ Typist

    Are you in need of some appraisal assistance? Here’s a bit about me: I have over 15 years of experience as an appraisal office manager, valuation specialist, and quality control appraisal reviewer for bare land to multi-million dollar properties. For the past few years I have been assisting...
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