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  1. D

    15-20 foot sewer easement

    There is a subdivision going in behind our house. The developer wants to run a sewer pipe through our yard to connect to the main sewer line on the road. Would a 15-20 foot sewer easement on our house deed affect the value of our home? If so, about how much would it affect the value?
  2. Alli B.

    Question About Easements And Natural Springs

    I purchased land for a non-profit org for at-risk kids. The land sits on three aquifers and my neighbor had his well in the same line purchased by the county. A creek with a deep freshwater spring sits on my property. Now the county wants an easement that would encompass the spring. I don't know...
  3. Timbo813

    Valuing Property With Transmission Line Easement

    I am appraising two sites. One is privately owned, but has a transmission line easement with the huge powerline structures and power lines. The other is a similar site, but owned by the power company and has no easement. The H&B use of both sites is the same, residential development (assuming...
  4. JAM

    Condemnation / Easement Appraisal

    Hello Appraisal Forum Members! I am doing a private appraisal for an attorney. His client is having part of his land condemned by the county to extend out a busy road they live on. I have been provided a copy of the narrative report from the county. The county does not go into the details of...
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