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  1. kittydubya

    Denoting monetary value on driveway?

    Morning all! Had a question regarding specific requests on appraisals. Is it possible to request our appraisal to denote a monetary value on a specific item? For context, we are building a new contruction home and our builder is worried if we get an asphalt driveway it will drive the cost up...
  2. M

    Help us build a better appraisal solution

    Hi everyone, I'm a consultant working with a team that's been active in the mortgage finance space for the last 15 years and we're exploring how some recent technology innovations could be applied to the appraisal process. The team is also in discussions around partnering with one or more...
  3. A

    Valuing Additional GLA When Comparable Are 1,000+ Sq Ft Smaller

    Would really appreciate some professional insight on a recent appraisal for an FHA refinance with cash out. Totally respect the appraiser and their valuation process for our property however they assigned an $8 per sq ft GLA for the 812 additional feet in our home over their identified primary...
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