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external obsolescence

  1. DeprivationDiddy

    Third Parties Claim To "external Obsolescence" - The Whole Street!

    This is in regards to the concept of "External Obsolescence" in a residential neighborhood. Can a non-owner, or a group of non-owners (neighbors) claim that a neighboring residential property that has been "grandfathered" as a multifamily use in a single family district is adversely effecting...
  2. T

    Lng Station Economic Obsolescence

    I'm valuing a Liquid Natural Gas distribution facility built in 2014 in Washington State. The property was completed, but never put to use due to a decline in LNG demand with the dropping in Gas and Diesel prices. I'm looking for ideas in how to calculate economic obsolescence. The inutility...
  3. bbr711

    In The Eyes Of The Beholder

    Appraising a property located adjacent to a stone quarry. The quarry opens at 6:30 am Monday through Friday, closing at 4:30 pm. They “crush” every 3rd week, which is a rather noisy process. Otherwise they move and load gravel and sand through the week. Which may also be a noisy process...
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