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    Can you use SFH as a comp for a Twin?

    Hello. My husband and I purchased one side of a twin. Its in a historic neighborhood in a good school district but there are no sales that I would consider "comparable" besides SFHs. The recent twin sales are circa 1950-1970 construction, brick, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath homes (1100 sq ft on 2000 sq...
  2. H

    How Much Does 10 Liquor Icenses Increase A Value Of A Historic Jail?

    Sorry for the length. Indiana has a law on the books that allow a city/town 10 additional liquor licenses if they meet a four part criteria. In a nutshell, these are *use it or lose it* licenses. If a business fails, they do not retain the license. It’s nontransferable. They city/town can issue...
  3. L

    Two Addresses One Property In Virginia

    My wife and I own an historic property just outside Blacksburg Virginia. What remains of the 19th century resort totals about 60 acres. Within the perimeter of the property there are three 2 acre plots. The mortgage we are refinancing is one of the 2 acre plots. (We own the other 54 acres)...
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