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investment property

  1. Playday

    Better option than investment property mortgage???

    Hello, I can use some guidance here! I wonder which would be the better option for my brother, who wishes to buy a condo! Even though he has a stable job right now, he plans to get into real estate in the future. My brother doesn't have any pending mortgages or personal loans; even the property...
  2. CoCat

    Rental Comp Photos On The 1007

    I was unable to find a recent post regarding rental comp photos so I figured I would post an updated thread. Fannie Mae Selling Guide as of 2018 states: Clear, descriptive photographs showing the front, back, and a street scene of the subject property and the front of each comparable. The...
  3. MrSpokaneValue

    216 For Single Family New Construction?

    I'm doing a proposed construction of a new single family residence to be used as a rental income property near campus of the local University. Obviously the Income Approach to value is a necessary approach due to the high ratio of rentals in the area, but would you complete a 216 Operating...
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