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low appraisal

  1. celilola

    Real Estate Bubble & Holding Realtors Accountable For Listing Prices

    We are in a bubble in Flagstaff, AZ. Many people have long said our motto is "Poverty with a view". Area median income is $53k, the average home price is approx $350k and median rent is approx $1800. These numbers clearly don't add up. For the past 6+/- months, we have been seeing multiple...
  2. M

    New Home Buyer: Log Home Purchase - Appraisal Concerns

    Hello All! I saw this forum and during my research and it has been a great resource as I have heard horror stories about log home appraisals and have concerns and am just looking for information, which will helpfully put me at ease. I would be gutted if the appraisal came back low and killed...
  3. L

    Walk Out

    Looking for some feedback. I am a seller, or at least I hope to be. I have a buyer who agreed to pay a certain amount. She ordered an appraisal and the result was $16k less than the agreed upon price. Now, I understand that Sellers value their own home perhaps more than perhaps they...
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