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  1. Overimprovement

    Review Question

    If an appraiser completes a typical field review (standard form) for a lender, and ends up opining a different value, can this review report then serve as LTV support for the loan related to the subject? Does it matter if it is port, fannie, FHA, or VA? In other words, can this review report...
  2. Ay102467

    Work Log - Review Experience Hours

    I work for a lending institution and I'm in the process of finishing up the hours necessary for certified general appraiser through review work. Can anyone provide feedback as to the number of average hours that can be claimed for review work (per assignment) for narrative and restricted...
  3. spandrel

    Remote Commercial Review Appraiser?

    Hi. Can anyone speak to the nature of being a remote commercial review appraiser for an AMC? It seems that most of these jobs are salary positions with benefits. Any idea what the expected salary range is? Obviously I know it will vary but just looking for a ballpark figure. If one is efficient...
  4. L

    Cost Approach In New Construction

    I am a reviewer for a federally insured bank. In this particular assignment, because there was new construction involved, we requested that the appraiser include the cost approach in his analysis. The appraiser argued that no one considers the cost approach anymore. It's not the first time...
  5. I

    Appraiser Didn't Use More Recent Comp Favoring A Much Older Lower Sale

    I'm posting this to see if anyone is kind enough to review my situation and provide professional feedback and opinion on this matter. I'm selling my home and the buyer's appraisal from the bank came in $5k below the sale price. The sale price is $139,900 and the appraisal came in at $135k. The...
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