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  1. L

    Is there a helpful report writing software for commercial appraisers? Clickforms, Alamode, etc?

    I've heard various opinions on this. Can one use a report writing software for commercial appraisal reports? Some say every appraisal just varies too much to make it efficient in the commercial world. Others speak of these softwares/ templates like the're gold. Currently I just find a similar...
  2. J

    New Appraiser Advice Please?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working my way through the liscensure process process to start a career/side gig as a Licensed Residential appraiser. My plan is to go independent and take any work as it comes, probably slow at first. My question to the group - What advice can you give on things...
  3. Scott.A

    Realquantum Appraisal Software

    I'm curious to find out what anyone's experience has been with Realquantum. Someone mentioned it in another thread and that was the first I had heard of it. Cloud based solutions intrigue me. I've had significant experience with Narrative1, but the interface with MSWord and Excel is its...
  4. B

    Can We Talk About This? Software Changes

    Hey all, as many of you know, AlaMode was acquired recently and it has caused some stir. I'm not here to add to the stir because I dont really care all that much about it. What the news did do for me, however, was to get me thinking about my software and whether or not I should at least take a...
  5. B

    Narrative 1 Or Realwired

    I work at a small residential and commercial appraisal firm. Commercial appraisers, do you prefer N1 or RealWired? Why?

    Mr Biggars. Can You Help Me Get An Improvement Implemented?

    I've input a time-saving suggestion over a year ago thru your tech support dept; I've phoned or emailed multiple times... no result or implementation... I feel tech support is useless as I'm not sure if what I'm requesting is being communicated effectively to your programmers, or even at all...
  7. C

    Narrative 1 Or Datappraise?

    I read several posts on commercial software programs and trying to figure out the pros and cons of each. We are looking at implementing either Narrative 1 or Datappraise for our office. I have gone through countless hours of videos and both have their plus and minus and would like to know if...
  8. Jerred Batten

    Appraiser Genie Is Awesome!

    Has anyone been using Appraiser Genie? I have had tremendous success and the software is by far the best on the market...It really helps guys like me that has quite a few reports a week. It completes a very large majority and the software is really easy to use. I recommend this to anyone! I am...
  9. 1

    What's Your Beef About Your Work?

    As an outsider trying to understand the valuation industry, I would like to know what issues are really bothering appraisers. Yesterday I got an email from an appraiser in Phoenix who handles commercial properties throughout the state, and his major complaint was the lack of a good software work...
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