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square footage

  1. I

    Condition, Square Footage Adjustments

    I'm a residential real estate agent. The most common adjustment I see on appraisals is on the interior square footage (GLA) of a home. How do appraisers arrive at a figure for the adjustment per square foot? I would think the adjustment per square foot would be different for 2 houses that have...
  2. jc723

    Townhouse With Garage V Townhouse With Basement

    I'm valuing a townhouse in a rural area that has an attached garage. The tax office in this area will often show the first level as a basement in the tax assessment information which I convert to living area since it is all above ground. In this townhouse, I've gone 5 miles and have to use a...
  3. Louis Hemmi

    Understanding Why Comps Are So Cheap On A Sf Basis

    One thing that's driving me crazy is trying to understand why some properties that look comparable in terms of proximity to the subject and GLA are so cheap, as though the GLA is not recognized by the market. I've got 4200 SF houses in one close by (.5 mi) going for what one would expect for...
  4. C

    Assessor Includes Garage & Basement In Total Building Area, So Does Listing Agent

    Doing an appraisal on a purchase in Southern California. Assessor lists the building area at 6727 sqft - so of course that figure spreads through the MLS and title, etc. Agent listed the house using that figure as the sqft. Here's the issue - the assessor is including a large 1500sqft garage...
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