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subject to

  1. zifonex

    Subject to or Cost to Cure

    I'm doing a Refinance Appraisal on a property where the frontal façade is being changed from vinyl to stucco. Of course it was in mid-production when I did the inspection. I'm looking for guidance on what tact to take in reporting this condition. (the owner gave me an invoice that has the down...
  2. tuneman420

    Non Lender Appraisal "subject To" Question

    I have an appraisal I am completing for a contractor who is buying a property from an in-law. Before he makes an offer, he wants to know what it is really worth. The house needs some work and wouldn't pass an inspection the way it is currently. So I am wondering if I should make it " subject to"...
  3. Honey West

    Help Please! Window Bars, No Releases

    Do I make this curable functional obsolescence a " Subject To" condition? It seems to me that it's a definite yes,given the safety hazard but want to verify-- maybe "As-Is " with a notation and addressed in depreciation is enough? Also, any ideas on a cost to cure greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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