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  1. V

    Pressure to complete an appraisal by an AMC? What are my options?

    An appraiser in my firm is currently undergoing an unreasonably dramatic situation with an AMC where they are trying to intimidate the appraiser into completing the appraisal assignment. Basically, the inspection was completed and due to comments from the homeowner about how the value must be...
  2. Ashley Rohlf

    Appraisers Value Of Remodel

    Hello! I am looking for opinions/advice as to a difficult to value home. The home is in a townhome community nestled between Single Family homes. Comparable town homes in the neighborhood within 1/2 mile are limited to four within the past 12 months and 0 isn’t he past 6 months with prices...
  3. jc723

    Townhouse With Garage V Townhouse With Basement

    I'm valuing a townhouse in a rural area that has an attached garage. The tax office in this area will often show the first level as a basement in the tax assessment information which I convert to living area since it is all above ground. In this townhouse, I've gone 5 miles and have to use a...
  4. H

    How Much Does 10 Liquor Icenses Increase A Value Of A Historic Jail?

    Sorry for the length. Indiana has a law on the books that allow a city/town 10 additional liquor licenses if they meet a four part criteria. In a nutshell, these are *use it or lose it* licenses. If a business fails, they do not retain the license. It’s nontransferable. They city/town can issue...
  5. Vox

    Need Advice On Value Of A 1969 Martin D-28 Guitar I Want To Buy

    Greetings folks, I thinking about buying a 1969 Martin D-28 but I don't know what it is worth. It isn't the prettiest guitar, to be sure, but the sound is loud and utterly amazing. It is actually hard to sing over it. The action is low but no buzz. The intonation is perfect and the pick guard...
  6. M

    Solar Value

    Hello Appraiser Community, I recently had an appraisal done on my home where the appraiser specifically mentioned in the report that there was no value given to my solar PV system. I have read numerous articles and case studies, including an article on the Appraisal Institute website that...
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