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Approved Appraiser List

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Patrick W

Sophomore Member
Nov 23, 2002
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Certified Residential Appraiser
I have just been removed from a large banks approved appraisers list because someone at a local branch called the appraisal dept. and told them I no longer wanted to work for the bank(thats what I was told was the reason they took me off their list), not because of my work quality. Myself and my business partner had severed our working relationship with this particular branch because their loan officers and staff were difficult and pressured us.

One loan officer especially who had us do an appraisal for her uncle and when she couldn't get his loan approved didn't want to pay us, then she tried to assign the appraisal to another company and have them pay it, when they turned him down it took for ever to get paid, from the headquarters no less. So when they called the other day to have us recertify this same appraisal my business partner told them to forget it.

The next thing we know the main office of this bank, which is great and we still do work for, calls and says I have been taken off the list because I said I don't want to work for the bank anymore. I called the appraisal dept. and they said send an e-mail denying this and we'll see from there. Anybody got any ideas of what to do they won't even return our calls.

David Mullen

Junior Member
Jan 17, 2002
If you live in an area with a TV station that has a "Mad Dog" reporter, they might be interested.

I would send them the email that they requested and set it so that you get an email "receipt" for it.

If they still turn you down, I would try to get the reason in writing from the bank and then contact an attorney to see if the slander and libel laws might be applicable to her. It appears that you have been damaged by her actions.


Elite Member
Apr 23, 2002
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Certified General Appraiser
That's why we make the big bucks. Not only do we do a
competent job, we're objective and unbias. As a result,
realtors and LOs shun us.

I think your doing the right thing. Don't get all stressed.
Contact someone above the bad branch, explain the
situation. They'll more than likely be reasonable. Its about
communication and being rational. If you don't lose a client
from time to time your not doing your job right. I don't agree
with reporting them, since you'll put everyone in a defensive
(legal) posture.

I know a situation where a LO falisfied a 442, and the big
mortgage company sued the appraiser rather than sending
the LO to prison. You know what the big mortgage company
did? It blacklisted the appraiser. Go figure.

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