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  1. E

    How to make adjustments for Wholesaler Assignment Fees.

    Working on an AS-IS/ARV appraisal report and my best comp that is a few houses down recently sold through a wholesaler. MLS states that the property sold for $115,000. County Tax Records state that the property sold for $99,000. Under the seller concession area on MLS the realtor states...
  2. N

    Older But Updated Vs Well Maintained For Good Condition

    I just wanted to get some opinions on how other appraiser adjust for condition or for how many updates a property has. How do other appraiser adjust when an older property , perhaps 60 years old, but was updated say 10 years ago vs adjusting for a property that is only 15 years old and hasn't...
  3. SanDiegoBrian

    No Adjustments In Sales Comparison?

    I have an appraiser I work with, he is in New York City, I am in San Diego. He is writing a report on a multi-level apartment building than I am reviewing. In his Sales Comparison approach he states 'he determined no adjustments were necessary' and his sales grid shows all zeros. Then, on a...
  4. W

    Outbuildings Value/adjustments

    Would like advice how outbuildings are valued or adjustments are made for when a matched pair analysis can't be completed. With outbuildings varying so much in size, quality of materials, etc how do you come up with a adjustment. Thank you.
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