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  1. Alijandi20

    Advice for taking state exam!?

    Hey all, I'm have a limited appraiser license and I'm ~900 hours into the 1k hour requirement with less than 2 online classes left, so I'll be taking the state exam soon to become a state licensed residential appraiser, and I'm very nervous. What can I expect from the state exam? I'm not...
  2. J

    New Appraiser Advice Please?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working my way through the liscensure process process to start a career/side gig as a Licensed Residential appraiser. My plan is to go independent and take any work as it comes, probably slow at first. My question to the group - What advice can you give on things...
  3. C

    Where To Begin?

    Two-fold question here: I am currently working for a university but am looking at making a move into an appraisal career. I recently got an offer to become a real estate agent (salary plus commission) and am wondering if this will end up helping or hurting me in the long run. My thought is that...
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