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appraisal job

  1. A

    Hiring in Oregon, Washington and Texas

    Aloft Appraisals is currently hiring Senior Residential Appraisers, as well as current trainees and individuals willing to take the necessary classes to come on board as appraisal trainees. Aloft is a tech start up company focusing on efficient turn times as well proving superior customer...
  2. SMALLS347

    Appraisal Report Writer Service/Would Like to become Trainee

    I am looking for a couple new appraiser clients who would like to have their reports written. I currently write for an appraiser now who does on average 25-30 houses/week. Since I write his reports, it frees up time for him to do more houses and make more money. He goes to the field, does the...
  3. dawrightlady

    New Trainee in the Triangle Area

    Anyone Hiring trainees in the Triangle area?? I am a Realtor/ Broker in the Triangle area I've been an agent since 2015 Within the last year I have completed over 280 Property Data Collections for appraisers in Wake, Johnston, and Durham counties each job requires measurements, photos, and...
  4. M

    Appraiser Assistant Looking A Supervisor In New York

    Skilled Real Estate Appraisal Trainee has the required education the New York State license for Appraisal Trainees and one year of experience working under the tutelage of an experienced and certified appraiser. Now seeking a new Appraisal Trainee position in preparation for obtaining full...
  5. PamPearsall

    Arizona - Yavapai County Seeks General Certified Appraiser

    Yavapai County Assessor's Office seeks General Certified Appraiser for full time employment with county. If interested please contact Asha Dugan at [email protected] with attached resume. This position will stay opened until filled. Salary depends on experience in commercial appraising...
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