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carbon monoxide detectors

  1. Andrew Carper

    Revisions: water heater, smoke & CO detectors...local code

    At the start of 2020 I had 1 revision request asking me to comment on the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Have not had any requests to comment on these items since that 1 at the start of 2020. Well, I just recieved a revision request asking me: Please comment if the water heater is double...
  2. Keith953

    Smoke Alarm & Co Detector Requirments In Las Vegas

    Recently moved to Las Vegas and I wanted to be certain about the smoke alarm and co detector requirements. I've read some conflicting information and just want to be sure. Thanks!
  3. Wayne Henry

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors And Maryland State Law

    It appears we do not have to call for Carbon Monoxide detectors, convention or FHA financed. I was under the assumption this was a safety issue and the property new or old should be considered subject to a safety concern per FHA and per the Fannie Mae three "S" rule. I located the following...
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