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condition rating

  1. I

    Condition, Square Footage Adjustments

    I'm a residential real estate agent. The most common adjustment I see on appraisals is on the interior square footage (GLA) of a home. How do appraisers arrive at a figure for the adjustment per square foot? I would think the adjustment per square foot would be different for 2 houses that have...
  2. N

    Older But Updated Vs Well Maintained For Good Condition

    I just wanted to get some opinions on how other appraiser adjust for condition or for how many updates a property has. How do other appraiser adjust when an older property , perhaps 60 years old, but was updated say 10 years ago vs adjusting for a property that is only 15 years old and hasn't...
  3. pdaniel7

    Condition Rating And Economic Life For A House With Foundation Damage

    Hi everyone. Upon an appraisal inspection for a sale of a 2-story home constructed in 1981, I discovered a network of substantial cracks in the basement foundation wall with part of it bowing inward about 2 inches over an approximately 8'x10' area at the corner of the home. After speaking with...
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