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  1. R

    Disto X3 Not Sending Measurements

    Hello all, I just recently purchased a Disto X3 to assist with inspections. I have been attempting to connect it my iPad Pro and everything appears to be working. The bluetooth says its connected and I even get an alert when I open the sketch to notify me that my Disto laser has been connected...
  2. A Brit in California

    Disto E7500i Information And Opinions

    I have almost finally decided to step into the 21st century and purchase a DISTO E7500i from Amazon for $599. But I am having a difficult time getting quality answers from my appraiser friends. First, I do not use a laptop or a tablet. I typically walk around a house, hand sketch it and...
  3. ChristianG

    Best Disto Backup Tool

    Hello, everyone, thank you for reading this and maybe replying ;) I'm thinking about getting either a tape or a wheel as a backup for my Disto. In my rough estimation, I'll need a backup in less than 20% of the cases (where the laser can't cope with the situation). Tape seems to be preferred by...
  4. D

    Leica A5 Disto Screen Replacement

    Hello all, I have a Leica a5 disto that I use in the field very often. Recently it took a tumble and the screen craked. I know that the unit works fine because I could see some of the screen still when I turn it on. The screen is unusable now. I have taken it apart and taken the screen out as...
  5. J

    Leica Disto D8 - New In Box

    New in box Leica Disto D8. I bought a two of these a few years ago. One to use and another as a backup. I'm still using my first one, never had to use the backup. Cleaning out the office and need to sell it. Looks like they sell on eBay for around $500-$600 still. For a fellow appraiser I'd let...
  6. Gregory Laikind

    Leica Disto D810 Touch For Sale

    PERFECT condition. Open box item with all accessories, manual, software disk etc. 660ft Laser Distance Measurer w/Bluetooth and 1mm Accuracy, Red/Black with Touchscreen Used twice before I got a job as a reviewer and no longer need it. $700
  7. N

    Finally Got The Disto

    So far so good, was able to use it on 2 inspections today, was an awesome addition esp since im on crutches after surgery for 6wks. Still working on getting it totally synced and working with my Note 4 but that will come soon when i have more time to play with it. Even without it being paired...
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