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fannie mae

  1. VonTooley

    New Construction Loan on 1004 without site value?

    Ok, we had a client request an appraisal on 8 separate pre-construction floor plans (8 reports). I have done plenty of new construction appraisals, however this is for a new subdivision and the builder has not determined which floor plan is going on which site. So, the client is requesting the...
  2. IVCA

    Future Of Appraisal - Calabria Says Congress Not Needed

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-08/fannie-freddie-may-be-released-without-congress-calabria-says It would seem the future of real estate appraisers lies in a large part to reducing risk for the GSEs ... whatever that takes. Beyond a certain threshold, change will occur -...
  3. IVCA

    Major Changes Are Coming To Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Et Al

    Change is coming to the housing finance industry. I’m predicting that for appraisers to do well in the future, they need to become much better at their job: More accurate appraisals, more substance. Yet, this comes at a price. The only way out is to tie appraisals to property, make them...
  4. F

    Mother / Daughter

    We own a SFR that has a mother-daughter layout so we're trying to get some clarification prior to listing our home for sale so we can bypass any unforeseen hiccups down the road. When you walk in through the main entrance you can go left to the mother / main part of the home, or you can walk...
  5. K

    Bedroom? Dimension And Entrance Questions

    I read that the width, length, ceiling height dimensions of a bedroom must be at least 7 feet. I'm listing a house that has a width of 6 ft. I want to be sure before I tell the homeowner it can't be listed as a bedroom. The second question has to do with the entrance to a bedroom. Is privacy...
  6. Wayne Henry

    April Fool’s Joke Or More Unnecessary Delays Of The Appraisal Report

    April fool’s joke or more unnecessary delays of the appraisal report. Client revision request - Per lender guidelines: Appraiser to provide a comment on any impact on the value and marketability recent storms/disasters had on subject property (due to no counties officially being declared by...
  7. Wayne Henry

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors And Maryland State Law

    It appears we do not have to call for Carbon Monoxide detectors, convention or FHA financed. I was under the assumption this was a safety issue and the property new or old should be considered subject to a safety concern per FHA and per the Fannie Mae three "S" rule. I located the following...
  8. Wayne Henry

    New Fannie Mae Forms

    I was informed that Fannie Mae would be releasing new forms in the coming years. I am eager to stay on top of this topic and would like any information any of my colleagues may have on this topic. Are they accepting commentary on the new form? will they release a beta version? Since this form...
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