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  1. K

    Basement Garage. Worth It Or Not?

    My home was built in 1970. I's a all brick ranch with a walkout basement. The property is fenced in with a double gate that allows for car and truck access to the back through the grass. When built they had a garage in the basement. Due to current code the second owners had to board up the...
  2. J

    FHA Loan With Unfinished Detached Garage

    Hello all. We just put an offer in on a home with an unfinished detached garage. The home is very new and up to date (built in 2012). The builder paid attention to detail and this house is just immaculate. The garage, however, was just built in Fall 2017. Again, remarkable craftsmanship. The...
  3. A Brit in California

    Garage Question With A Photo

    Please give your opinion on what to call the garage marked ???? in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. Another appraiser states you can ONLY count the number of garage spaces in the grids based on the garage door. Thank you!
  4. C

    Assessor Includes Garage & Basement In Total Building Area, So Does Listing Agent

    Doing an appraisal on a purchase in Southern California. Assessor lists the building area at 6727 sqft - so of course that figure spreads through the MLS and title, etc. Agent listed the house using that figure as the sqft. Here's the issue - the assessor is including a large 1500sqft garage...
  5. Wayne Henry

    Fannie Mae/FHA Driveway And Garage Storage Question

    Fannie Mae/FHA driveway and garage storage question The question that I came across after using Freeappraisalreview website and compared my appraisal report to my peers. If you have a 1 car garage and say it is built into the home is it implied that there is a driveway or does Fannie Mae want...
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