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highest and best use

  1. N

    HBU when property appears to have no value?

    I have an interesting situation and this is the first time I have came across an issue like this. I'm dealing with a very run down property. It is in an incredibly low value area. One main comp I have for use is in fair condition needing only slight repairs to become functional and this...
  2. E

    FHA/combined Lots/excess Land/highest And Best Use

    Currently working on an FHA appraisal of a 5 acre manufactured home. During the inspection the owner informed me that he inherited the front 3 acres of the property 6 years ago and combined it with his 2 acres to get the 5 he has now. All improvements on the property are on the rear 2 acres...
  3. O

    HBU Multi-family Or SFR

    Looking for some peer guidance regarding a unique assignment. I work as a freelance appraiser for a 30+ year appraisal firm. I have been assigned to a large 5000 sqft residence in a historic and prominent neighborhood composed of mainly Victorian 100+ year single family homes. The subject is...
  4. PropTaxMan

    Reporting An Appraiser To State Licensing Board

    Been a while since I have been on the forum. I formerly worked as a property tax appraiser, then as an institutional appraiser for State Trust Land Management and now I am a Right-of-Way Agent. My boss handed me an appraisal yesterday and asked me to analyze it. This is right up my alley since...
  5. Appraising101

    Highest And Best Use Sf Or Mf

    I have a single family that is larger than all others in the immediate area at 2800 sf. The accepted SF GLA ranges from 1300 -1700 with a fewer higher or lower. This property is set up odd, as if it were a multi family in the past. The entire street is multi family homes and if it were...
  6. H

    Highest And Best Unit Vs. Permits: An Official Response From Fannie

    There has been a continuous, running gun-battle between a small contingent of appraisers on this forum and others regarding how one should address a non-permitted component of a house in regards to H&BU analysis when completing an assignment that needs to comply with the Fannie Mae guidelines...
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