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highest & best use

  1. valuecommando

    VA manufactured appraisal with 2 separate lots

    I have a VA purchase appraisal assignment that consists of one manufactured home that sits on one lot and there is a second lot that is vacant, unimproved, separate assessor parcel number that is included in the purchase. :unsure:The second lot is adjacent to the subject property and is vacant...
  2. E

    FHA/combined Lots/excess Land/highest And Best Use

    Currently working on an FHA appraisal of a 5 acre manufactured home. During the inspection the owner informed me that he inherited the front 3 acres of the property 6 years ago and combined it with his 2 acres to get the 5 he has now. All improvements on the property are on the rear 2 acres...
  3. Ferstl00

    Condominium Conundrum

    I have a very oddball assignment that has been dragging on for weeks now. Hoping someone out there can help me figure this out... I was asked to appraise a unit in a 4 unit building. All of the surrounding dwellings are single family and zoned as such. The city zoned the subject parcel...
  4. Autumndawn03

    Highest & Best Use

    Just got an order from a client. Basically a woman who owns 3000+ acres is breaking off 20+ and selling it in a private sale. The 20+ acres also has a manufactured home on it in a rural area with no zoning, so any and all uses are permitted. Was it appropriate for me to decline the order on...
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