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  1. Help!

    Seeking information about regulations

    I am seeking where the laws/regulations/statutes are found. In our case, our bank's Construction Specialist, the person that was to watch over our construction process, which included inspection reports and draws. He felt we should have been given a Remodel Contract instead of a New...
  2. farrisrd

    Using iPads

    I’m not sure if anyone has posted on this yet, I couldn’t find any posts but maybe my computer is running slow. Does anyone use iPads for inspections? And if so, what are your thoughts and what iPad works really well?
  3. J

    FHA Loan With Unfinished Detached Garage

    Hello all. We just put an offer in on a home with an unfinished detached garage. The home is very new and up to date (built in 2012). The builder paid attention to detail and this house is just immaculate. The garage, however, was just built in Fall 2017. Again, remarkable craftsmanship. The...
  4. K

    Builder Quality

    Kristen007New Member After a disappointing inspection on an existing home we are leaning towards new build for our VA Loan. In your experience would you recommend any of these builders. We love the Ryan homes community but not too sure on builder. We are leaning towards Timberlake and...
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