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  1. funkyfrenchcanadian

    Desktop Appraisal question**

    Hi Guys, Currently I'm a new license appraiser for the state of California. I'm not able to do onsite inspection or drive-by... Therefore, I'm looking for some AMC or lenders that assign Desktop Appraisal so I can keep getting business... I found Proteck so far does anybody know more...
  2. D

    Advice on entering the Appraisal profession

    I’ll keep this as short as I can because I have several questions: I’m in the Phoenix area, signed up for the training certification courses, and just completed the first class (procedures). Read mixed things about being in the industry (I’m leaning towards the Certified General route because I...
  3. S

    Passing The State Exam For Licensed Appraiser

    Hello everybody. I could really use some advice on passing the state exam for Licensed Appraiser in the state of Maryland. I have tried 3 times so far and the best I've scored has been 63%. Reaching the required 75% seems impossible at this juncture. I have worked in the field for more than 4...
  4. N

    Certified Residential In Pa - Almost There

    My hours are finally in, waiting for review by the state, and request for completed appraisals. Pennsylvania Question #1: Anyone have a clue of how long it takes for the State to review? Question #2: Anyone have any suggestions for which review materials worked for them?
  5. Scott.A

    When Can I Sign The Report?

    I've been marked up to this point as a contributor to appraisals I've worked on in Illinois. I got my Illinois license last week. I've got two Illinois appraisals on my desk that I'm working on. We did the inspections the week before I received my license. 1st of the two will be finished...
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