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  1. juliekt

    Licensed Appraisers Supporting Themselves In Texas?

    Im in the process of becoming licensed. The plan was to go straight from being a trainee to being certified, but this summer I can either renew my trainee license or become a licensed appraiser. I thought I might as well get my license :shrug:. From there I’ll become certified. I have two years...
  2. juliekt

    Appraisal Audits When Becoming Licensed - Talcb

    When submitting your experience to become a licensed residential appraiser from a Trainee, will they audit reports? I know they do when becoming certified, but I wasn't sure if they did when becoming licensed. Full disclosure - I'm not asking this to get around bad reports! The plan was to...
  3. A

    Registered/licensed Appraiser Wanted Metro/atl

    This will be an office/training position. Respectfully I am not looking to "sign off" on your existing work, I am interested in training a registered appraiser or training/employing a licensed appraised. I have 17 years experience in the Metro Atl market, a good clientele and am looking to...
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