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  1. Playday

    Better option than investment property mortgage???

    Hello, I can use some guidance here! I wonder which would be the better option for my brother, who wishes to buy a condo! Even though he has a stable job right now, he plans to get into real estate in the future. My brother doesn't have any pending mortgages or personal loans; even the property...
  2. stevenhaugh

    Home Buyers Mortgage

    Hey, I have been working in a pharmaceutical drug manufacturing unit for more than five years. Recently, I quit my job due to certain health issues and started a seafood restaurant in the city. My wife is working in a multinational software firm based in Calgary and she has a fair monthly...
  3. F

    Mother / Daughter

    We own a SFR that has a mother-daughter layout so we're trying to get some clarification prior to listing our home for sale so we can bypass any unforeseen hiccups down the road. When you walk in through the main entrance you can go left to the mother / main part of the home, or you can walk...
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